Casey's Corny Corner

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Break

I thought I did well today at RHS. I stayed up quite late last night, or this morning, writing my horrible lesson plan.

I felt very weird today after that, so I took a nap... until 2:45pm. I will probably be nocturnal tonight because of that.

Tried out the new Tex-Mex place in Ruston (El Jarrito) and was dissappointed with the salsa, but I think the food was even better than Old Mexico. The sopapilla with ice cream (and yes, I do eat cherry stems) was VERY tasty!

Other than that, Ark-La-Tex is fast approaching and I am nervous about the lack of sleep I will get from chaperoning.

Formal Sigma Alpha Iota meeting tomorrow night and I am playing a clarinet duet with Danielle. I will really miss her tall self next quarter.

I'm getting sleepy, so I guess that is all for today!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Piano Trio

Tonight at 7:30 marked the end of a glorious era. Dr. Sue Holder, founder of the Epsilon Kappa chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, gave her final recital as a faculty member at Louisiana Tech University.

With all sentiments aside, tonight's performance was, in my opinion, okay. The first half of the recital featured Hayden and Schumann. After intermission, the natural trumpet joined the trio for a piece by Guiseppe Torelli. After the trumpet piece, the trio performed a piece by Turina.

As you may see, I have a passion for music. I also love to attend string concerts because Tech doesn't have a strong, but growing string program.

I must cut this short because I have homework AND I get to teach Ruston High School's band. Wish me luck!

Time For Change

After my soon-to-be-year stint with Xanga, I realized the need of a blog in my life. I have to have somewhere to write my thoughts, whether they are read or not.

To introduce myself, I am a senior music education major who loves to play trombone and knit. I have a boyfriend who might as well be my husband and he shall be referred to as Elden. A hamster is what I really want right now, but my living situation (dorm) will not legally allow that.

I know this is a boring first post, but I am distracted because Doug is on TV. Don't worry. Once my creative juices get flowing, my posts will be more interesting. I promise.