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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Break

I thought I did well today at RHS. I stayed up quite late last night, or this morning, writing my horrible lesson plan.

I felt very weird today after that, so I took a nap... until 2:45pm. I will probably be nocturnal tonight because of that.

Tried out the new Tex-Mex place in Ruston (El Jarrito) and was dissappointed with the salsa, but I think the food was even better than Old Mexico. The sopapilla with ice cream (and yes, I do eat cherry stems) was VERY tasty!

Other than that, Ark-La-Tex is fast approaching and I am nervous about the lack of sleep I will get from chaperoning.

Formal Sigma Alpha Iota meeting tomorrow night and I am playing a clarinet duet with Danielle. I will really miss her tall self next quarter.

I'm getting sleepy, so I guess that is all for today!


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