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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Like a Puzzle

Here is an update on happenings so far...
*Dr. A seemed pleased with my jury, and Sorenson put into words what I have been feeling this whole time I have played trombone.
*Finishing my abstract for Dr. we speak!
*Trumpet test tomorrow!
*Getting a "B" in clarinet lessons, but I learned so much!
*PSYC 308 test not as bad as I thought, which means I probably failed. :)
*My PSYC final..... tomorrow
*Finished registering!!!!
*Microteaching went awesome!
*And practice, practice, practice....over the break break break!
I'm "hopped" up on Vault right now, but I think it's 50% mental and 50% the nap I took earlier that is keeping me "alert."
Hoop Troop (growing a pair) tomorrow to show Reneau how pathetic looking and sounding sixteen people in Reno will be without the woodies.
I think I am officially burned out on Old Mexico, and officially procrastinating!


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